Computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems document everything, remember everything and help you save money and increase your profits

Computerized cash registers assist your business in the frontend (with the customers) and help organize your backend, where you work with suppliers and partners. Rnet’s system does all of this while giving you the most up to date picture of the state of your business, providing you the necessary insight for you to monitor and take control all of its aspects.

 Highly professional tools assist you in making the best changes for your business

Would you like up to date reports with all the necessary data for you to increase your profits? How about full control over your expenses and income, covering everything from the sold item at the POS through the inventory and inventory updates to the employees’ timeclocks and their salaries? All of these and more are available to you with Rnet’s technology solutions.

Rnet’s computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems provide the latest technology for small, medium and retail businesses. Computerized cash registers allow you to remotely control your business through a highly secure module with zero dependency on third parties such as credit card companies, internal communication lines and technicians. The POS systems are easy to use and the inventory, costumer and turnover management can be checked at any given moment.

Computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems improve efficiency and promote your sales

Rnet’s modules are suitable for both large and small businesses, and the basic approach is tailoring our software and system to your needs in order to create a comprehensive solution for your business’ productivity, including working with customers, suppliers and potential future growth.

Rnet Small Retail provides computerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems, with an easy to use graphic interface, a management terminal and an optional hand held terminal for inventory registration and inter store transfers.

Rnet 4 Small Business provider broader options, including business reports for monitoring and growing the business; tracking employee performance; and price management. This system can also operate off line. 

Both models help you provide the best service to your customers through sales, coupons, rebates and loyalty points through an intuitive use interface.

Let’s take it to the next level!

Rnet’scomputerized POS (point of sale) cash register systems are the ultimate solution for small, medium and large businesses on both the local and international level.

Do you also want the best? Call now and we’ll tell you how you can also increase your profits!

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